Back Pain Solutions – Physical Therapy Is The Right Way

It is well known that today more and more people are having issues with back pain and they do not know what to do about it except suffer and move on with life. However you can put an end to your pain by opting for the right course of treatment and going to physical therapy at Starr Sports.

Back pain is rather common today and ourtechnology driven sedentary lifestyle has only made it worse. We consistently put unwanted pressure on our body in our day-to-day life and the convenience of unhealthy food choices only promotes more inflammation. There can be many reasons for an individual to suffer from back pain and the key to cure lies in identifying the underlying dysfunction and getting the appropriate treatment. Those who experience back pain in Union Square should be evaluated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Starr Sports to identify the underlying mechanical imbalance.

With back pain, often patients resort to injections or muscle relaxers; in eithercase they mask symptoms without uncovering the underlying reason of the issue. Discs, nerves, and facet joints are common sources of pain. Let us help you discover the root and treat that specific ailment. Physical therapy will get you back to your normal life by helping you recover from the pain and restoring  your mechanics as quickly as possible.

Our Physical Therapist and the Starr Sports Team will cure your back pain in Union Square and prevent it from returning by helping you reduce inflammation and restore function. This is a great treatment option as it is free from undesirable side-effects that come with steroids and prescription medication.

As a patient of StarrSports you are going to learn how to prevent future injuries with therapeutic exercise and stretching as you will be reinforcing activation of your core muscles which are key to stability.

One on one physical therapy with our expert therapist will make your body stronger and prepare it for the unexpected. The Starr Sports team will enhance the adaptability of your muscles thereby naturally reducing your back pain and preserving the deeper structures such as discs and joints of your spine.  Don’t wait to let your pain become chronic; get ahead of it by opting for our physical therapy evaluation today and break free from back pain with ease.


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