Chiropractic Care - Relieve your neck pain naturally

When treating sports injuries and spine related pain, chiropractic treatment has been a successful treatment modality to a speedy recovery. Doctors of Chiropractic can help accelerate recovery from injuries in a pain free, safe and effective manner.

It does not generally require a traumatic event to cause injuries to your body. Simply turning incorrectly while emptying the dishwasher or lifting a grocery bag can cause an acute muscle strain that if left untreated can lead to pain, stiffness, and limited ranges of motion. Dealing with Neck Pain in Union Square can be very debilitating for those suffering and sitting in front of a computer all day. Don’t let nagging neck pain interfere with your daily life. Schedule a consultation with Starr Sports today to get to the root cause of your ailments and be on your way to recovery.

Standard treatment for neck pain can range from steroid injections, medications and surgical intervention at times. The team at Starr Sports works to reduce your pain naturally and develop a care plan that first reduces inflammation and later focuses on correcting your mechanics to prevent further injury. Alongside with our expert physical therapist to help with rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment for Neck Pain in Union Square from the compassionate team at Starr Sports helps restore alignment, and get you back to normal activities of daily living as quickly as possible.

Our Chiropractors integrate treatment modalities like gentle adjustments and mobilizations, medical massage therapy and acupuncture to help accelerate your recovery. Our team offers many natural treatment solutions to prevent patients from having to resort to painkillers, which have endless side effects and can be taxing on your liver and kidneys.

Patient education is an important aspect of Chiropractic care for self management and injury prevention by incorporating education on ergonomics, customized stretches and therapeutic exercises. With the right information our patients learn how to properly warm up and cool down before/ after workouts ensuring they are exercising in the most secure way to promote a pain free life.


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