Pain Management – Treating Musculoskeletal Pain With Physical Therapy

Another morning in your NYC life and you wake up to horns honking and the sound of your alarm buzzing in your ears. You wake up and realize that you have that throbbing pain in your body and another day of pure agony starts.


You end up again being cranky and uncomfortable owing to your body ache. Does this sound like you? If yes then you are NOT alone. Today many people are regularly tormented with pain, so much that they have accepted to live with it as if it’s a norm.


You may be looking for a permanent solution. As New Yorkers, we need to make improvements in taking care of ourselves. There are day to day activities that will help you get the pain relief they are searching for. Adding personalized treatment techniques at Starr Sports for Pain Management in Union Square to your daily routine can provide you with a much needed break from that vicious pain cycle.


Guided therapeutic exercise, medical massage, acupuncture and cupping therapy is a great way to ensure that you don't suffer in silence and manage your pain effectively.


In addition, focusing on your form when exercising as you may not be aware that your form plays a huge role in how your body feels. Always give importance to your body stance and posture even when performing simple activities of daily living like sleeping or tying our shoes.


Strengthening your stability muscles or stretching your tight muscles are essential for maintaining flexibility and protecting your body. Without flexibility in your body it could lead to tight muscles that could ultimately lead to pain. If you want to know more about holistic pain management in Union Square schedule your consultation with Starr Sports today.


Our professional team at Starr Sports will listen to understand your problem, and examine to identify the root before designing the right treatment for most effective results and a pain free life for you. Let us start your healing journey to make your life pain free today!

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