What to expect

Be ready to provide your medical history, which will be essential for preparing a course of treatment for you. Medical records, such as diagnostic test results, or imaging results, such as X-rays and MRIs, also will provide important information about your condition.

Certain things in your health history are particularly vital to a chiropractor. This information could provide important clues that will allow your chiropractor to properly diagnose your problem. Such clues include whether you have or have had:

  • Bone disorders, such as osteoporosis

  • Circulatory problems (poor circulation could be a sign that you have a subluxation, for example)

  • Dizziness or blurred vision

  • Heart conditions such as hypertension or high blood pressure

  • Infections, especially those affecting your spine

  • Injuries, such as bone fractures, muscle sprains, or disc injuries

  • Joint disorders such as arthritis

  • Sleep apnea

Be prepared to answer such questions as:

  • Did the onset of your pain immediately follow an injury?

  • Is there anything you do that improves or worsens the pain?

  • When and how did your pain start?

  • Where is the pain centered?

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